Module iodb_config

IDEA Object Database Configuration Manager.


IDEA Object Database Configuration Manager. IODB configuration is loaded from file that may look like this one:
  %% iodb core setup
  {iodb, [
    %% Model and ModelCompiler options
    {model, [
      %% Are we going to recompile models
      %% automatically when their source
      %% file is changed?
      %% Good option for development, but
      %% very bad idea for production systems.
      {autocompile, true},
      %% Load all the modules in `[iodb, model, dirs]'
      %% during IODB Server startup? They will be
      %% loaded once as a part of startup procedure.
      %% To load them everytime they're changed,
      %% use `[iodb, model, autocompile]' too.
      {autoload, true},
      %% List of directories where to search
      %% models if their path is not specified,
      %% or when autoload or autocompile features
      %% are enabled.
      {dirs, ["test/model_compiler"]}]},
    %% Strict locking? (it slows down the app
    %% a little, but increases a consistency)
    {strict_locking, true},
    %% Use transactions (only for write)?
    {transaction_processing, true}

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param(Path::list()) -> Result::any()

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